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Arizona Teen Speaks Out After Sustaining Injury in a Vehicle Accident*


My Arizona Lawyers personal injury attorney Anthony Ramirez represents an Arizona teen who was injured in a vehicle accident involving another driver who was allegedly driving while intoxicated. Anna Mackey, 16, feels lucky to be alive after a rescue team had to use the jaws of life to remove her from her vehicle. According to reports, another motorist was driving while under the influence, causing the accident and inflicting injury upon Mackey. Mackey hopes by reporting her story she can convince other drivers on Arizona roads to only operate their vehicle if they are 100% sober.

*Source: YouTube. (2019). Teen sends message to drivers after Gilbert crash. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Jul. 2019].

Follow-up Story to My AZ Lawyers client claims Police used excessive force durning an arrest.*

In early September, 2018, a woman was pulled over by police in Goodyear, Arizona and claimed the officer used force that was unjustified. After making an illegal U-turn, an officer discovered Renee Armenta was driving with a suspended license and pulled her over. The officer told Armenta she was under arrest and asked her to get out of the car.

A bystander who took a video of the incident shows the officer grabbing Armenta by the arm and punching her. An outside agency did a review and found that the use of force exhibited by the Goodyear police officer in the video was justified.

The officer believed that Armenta reached behind her back in the vehicle, possibly for a weapon. This move caused him to protect himself from a possible attack.

After reviewing the officer’s actions, the Surprise Police Department found that he “acted appropriately and within department policy and procedure.”

Anthony Ramirez, an attorney at My AZ Lawyers, was not surprised by the decision. Not because it was an appropriate finding, but because it is consistent with other findings that are common among a small law enforcement community. Ramirez stated, “In some circumstances, these officers were very close with one another, they know each other.”

Armenta’s attorney’s view was not shared with a use of force consultant to law enforcement agencies, Lon Bartel. Bartel states that often, officers are harder on each other, as they know the rules and functions. They just don’t give another officer “a pass.”

Ramirez, however, also cited a different case involving a Mesa police officer. The case involving a use of force investigation also showed similar results. After an outside investigation by the Scottsdale police, it too recommended the officer’s actions were justified.

My AZ Lawyers client claims Police used excessive force durning an arrest.*


Anthony Ramirez, My AZ Lawyers Criminal Defense Attorney, makes a statement that they will be making sure the use of force by Goodyear police was reasonable.

*Source: “Attorney For Woman at Center of Controversial Goodyear Arrest Speaks Out.” ABC 15 Arizona. 12, Sept. 2018. Web. 14 Sept. 2018

Arizona Woman Speaks Out After She is Dragged From Her Car by Police  – Possible Civil Law Suit*

Renee Armenta, a resident of Avondale, Arizona, claims she was punched in the face and dragged out of her car by a Goodyear police officer during an apparent routine traffic stop. The woman spoke to reporters and stated that the officer who pulled her over never told her why he was making the stop. Next, she said the officer ordered her to get out of her car. He later grabbed her arm. According to Armenta, the officer punched her, pulled her, and drew his gun. Terrified, she claims she did not know what was happening. 

A video of the incident, taken by a bystander who witnessed it, was posted on social media showing Armenta being punched, yanked from her car, and drug on the ground. Also, the video shows an officer pulling a weapon and pointing it at the passenger, who stepped out of the car.  John Charlie Moreno Aguilar of Phoenix, was the passenger who was suspected of possession of drug paraphernalia.

The officer initially reported that he saw Armenta reach for something. Armenta denies reaching near her back. My AZ Lawyers attorney Anthony Ramirez is representing Armenta. He commented that the incident, which was posted online, was disturbing to him. Ramirez observed from the video that the officer went “too far way too fast.” A former police officer in Washington, D.C., Ramirez questions the officer’s claim that there was fear of an “imminent assault” by Armenta. 

*Source: “Woman Punched by Goodyear Officer Speaks Out; Attorney Threatens Possible Civil Suit.”  Vandell, Perry. Arizona Republic. AZ Central. 11 Sept. 2018. Web. 16 Sept. 2018.

Ramirez will research wether or not the officer’s actions were legal. A civil suit against the city and the officer may be pursued. Armenia was taken to a hospital and was treated for a head injury. In his further examination of the case, Ramirez plans to request the body camera footage and police report. This evidence may offer more details on what happened during the traffic stop.  According to a statement by Goodyear police, a Goodyear officer made a motor vehicle stop. The driver had a suspended driver’s license and was told she was being placed under arrest. The driver, Armenta, then retreated. The statement also mentions that public safety is a top priority of the Goodyear Police Department, and a passerby may not understand the full context of the situation or conflict.

Armenta is facing charges of resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and driving without a license.  The investigation into the officer’s actions has been given to the Surprise Police Department. The case will be heard in Maricopa County Superior Court on September 20, 2018. Goodyear police stated that the investigation Into the incident was given to Surprise police in the interest of “transparency” and “maintaining the public’s trust.”

*Source: “Woman Punched by Goodyear Officer Speaks Out; Attorney Threatens Possible Civil Suit.”  Vandell, Perry. Arizona Republic. AZ Central. 11 Sept. 2018. Web. 16 Sept. 2018

 My AZ Lawyers’ Client claims Mesa Police of Excessive Force and Using Handcuffs as a Weapon*

At a press conference held by My AZ Lawyers, attorney Anthony Ramirez revealed the video of his client’s arrest. After calling 911 to report a break in, the Mesa man claims that Mesa police officers not only used excessive force upon his arrest, but also that they used handcuffs as weapons.

*Source: “New Mesa Police Bodycam Released Amid Excessive Force Allegations.” KYMA. 21 June 2018. Web. 23 June 2018.

Mesa Police Officers Accused of Ignoring Requests During an Arrest* and Using Handcuffs as Weapons on a Mesa Man**

*Source: “Protesters rally at Mesa Police Department; Call for Change.” Fish, Nathan J. The Republic | 8 June 2018. Web. 12 June 2018