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Facing Criminal charges is a serious matter.  You need a serious criminal defense lawyer.  When the stakes are high, as they are in many- even minor- criminal cases, seek assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Also, you need help with a criminal defense charge – you need an expert in Arizona criminal defense law.  Additionally, the attorneys at our firm are skilled and knowledgable.  Once arrested, you will be faced with paperwork, hearings, questions, court appearances, and lots of choices.  In order to make good decisions, we will help you to understand the laws concerning your case, and give you options.  As a result, we will defend and protect your rights.  Not to mention, we will guide you through what you might feel is a frightening and unfamiliar maze — We’ve got this.  Our firm is confident that we can successfully represent your best interests in your criminal defense case because our staff and attorneys have the experience of helping clients in Arizona achieve the best possible outcomes for their case.



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