Arizona Drug Crimes FAQ

No doubt if you are facing a charge for a drug crime in Arizona you have questions.  For one thing, you not only have your future on the line, but you are risking severe penalties for a drug crime conviction. Therefore, contact My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers if you would like to ask questions specific to your drug charges and situation.  Our firm offers a FREE CONSULTATION by phone or in office.  Schedule your no-obligation consult with an attorney who is experienced in defending clients in Arizona facing drug-related charges.  Also, we can help you by providing information, options, and help you to understand your rights.  Our team would be glad to assist and offer our help regarding your drug crime issue.

Arizona has Drug Courts? 

Drug courts are special courts that handle drug crimes involving drug addicted offenders.  For example, these special courts help offenders that need orders of supervision and/or treatment programs.  In fact, this type of court works with health treatment programs to help those individuals addicted to drugs. Rehabilitation, many times, is the penalty preferred by offenders to jail time.  Addtionally, the drug courts provide defendants with this kind of support to minimize repeat drug crimes.

What is meant by “over the threshold amount”?

When talking drug charges, Arizona law recognizes thresholds to regulate the amount of drug in possession.  It also regulates the penalties that follow.  Often this is debated and argued.  Also, if a person is in possession of a certain amount of a drug, there is mandatory prison time.  Consequently, the specified amount of the drug in possession is considered the threshold amount, and this varies depending on the type of drug.

Does Expungement concerning drug charges exist in Arizona?

In Arizona, Expunging a criminal record is actually “setting aside” a conviction.  Also, Arizona doesn’t refer to expungement as clearing a record, as other states do.  Although, the state of Arizona does allow this act after a drug crime conviction.

How is “possession for sale” determined? 

Typically, if a drug is found in large amounts, a drug possession charge can be expanded to possession to sale.  When an individual is found to possession a large amount of a drug, it is not considered possession for individual use.  Often the amount of a drug is not enough to determine the intent to sell, so typically a search for items that would be used to sell drugs is conducted.  If items such as small bags or scales used to measure and distribute drugs, for example, are found, a possession for sale will likely be the charge.

Does a drug possession charge mean automatic jail time in Arizona?

A person facing drug possession charges faces the possibility of jail time.  Spending time in jail for a drug possession charge may depend on the type of drug and how much was found in possession.  A prior drug conviction on your record may mean jail time.  An attorney who is an expert in drug crime defense is your best chance at defending your charges and protecting your rights.

Does Arizona allow  synthetic drugs?

According to Arizona law, synthetic drugs are illegal, just like organic drugs.  Criminal charges, proceedings, and penalties are usually the same for synthetic or organic drugs.

Will I go to jail for a drug conviction?

It is possible you will spend some time in jail if convicted of a drug possession.  There are some factors that are considered when ordering jail time including the type of drug, previous drug convictions, and if minors were involved.  Arizona is harsh when it comes to penalties for a drug possession offense, especially on “hard drugs” such as cocaine or heroin.

Do I need an attorney if I have been charged with a drug crime in Arizona?

You need in attorney if you do not understand the Arizona drug crime laws.  It would be in your best interest to get qualified and experienced Arizona drug crime legal assistance to fight a conviction. Consult My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers to review your case in order to avoid or lessen a conviction for a drug crime.

What drug crimes would be considered a federal offense in Arizona? 

Federal charges for a drug crime can occur if drugs are moved across state or international borders.  Also, they may add federal charges if any type of mail, fax, or email was used in the crime.  In some cases the investigation involves the FBI, FDA, or ATF, and federal charges tend to have more severe penalties.  If your case may be a federal offense, this is a serious situation and you should enlist the help of a very capable and experienced Arizona drug crime defense lawyer right away.

Will I serve prison time for a drug trafficking charge? 

A drug crime attorney should explore defense options.  In particular, My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers have experience defending clients charged with drug trafficking.  Every case needs to go through an evaluation to reveal defense opportunities to seek dismissal of charges.  To protect your rights, and so that you can get the best possible outcome for your case, contact an attorney.

Why choose My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers to represent my drug crime case?

Our team dedicate themselves to providing affordable, expert legal representation for drug crimes.  We also know the courts, the judges, the law, and can defend a case in state or federal court for DRUG: