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Affordable DUI Attorney in Chandler, Arizona

Arrested in Chandler for DUI?  Immediately call an attorney who will begin to defend your case and protect your rights.  It is important that you understand the law, the charges against you, and the consequences you are facing if convicted.  In addition, Chandler DUI Lawyers will go to the jail if called to provide legal representation when arrested for a DUI.

In fact, Chandler, Arizona DUI penalties are strict and serious.  If convicted of a DUI in Chandler, you stand to damage your future, your professional career, your personal and family life, and your finances.  For these reasons, take the time to contact our firm and schedule a free case evaluation.  If you have been charged with a DUI in Chandler, it’s time to get the assistance of an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney who knows the Chandler DUI laws.  Particularly, the Chandler DUI Lawyers know what it takes to provide expert and successful representation for DUI charges.  To make sure you can achieve the best possible outcome for your case and get a fair shake in the Chandler criminal system, every minute counts after being arrested.

Chandler DUI Legal Process

The attorneys at Chandler DUI Lawyers law firm know the Chandler DUI legal process, we know the prosecutors, judges, and the court system.  Having represented many DUI and criminal defense clients in Chandler and throughout Arizona, our team has the experience representing DUI clients.

Contact Chandler DUI Lawyers if you were arrested for a DUI in Chandler, Arizona

Because every DUI case is different, we examine and assess every detail of your particular circumstances.  Then, the attorneys will provide you with information, options, and a defense that will best serve your charges.  Facing a DUI charge may be stressful and scary:  you need an aggressive defense and advocate on your behalf. Chandler DUI Lawyers understand that you have personal and financial concerns, and we are here to help you.  Also, our firm provides payment plans,  financing options, and unbeatable rates.

A DUI conviction can have lasting effects on your personal, financial and legal future.

My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers will help you achieve the most successful defense and outcome to your particular case.

The attorneys at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers are  experienced and familiar with Arizona DUI law.  Additionally, our criminal law team has the knowledge and experience it takes to help clients facing DUI or Extreme DUI charges.

Financing Options Available.  Offices in Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale and Tucson.



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    Our #1 priority is getting you legal representation as soon as possible.  You can finance much of your retainer and legal costs, but it is imperative to obtain the services of a lawyer as soon as you have been charged, so we can defend your rights and make sure any police action is pursued strictly within the confines of the law.  You can count on us.

    We have defended clients from many different criminal charges, including DUI, Assault, Sex Crimes, Theft and many other charges.  We help the innocent defend themselves and the guilty to negotiate fair and compassionate sentencing.

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    Our lawyers can assist in securing your release and obtaining a bail hearing. We are familiar with the procedures of the Local courts in Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale and Tucson, and are able to help you understand what to expect and assist you through the process.

    Quality Legal Defense Against Criminal Charges

    From start to finish, we handle client’s with the utmost respect and professionalism.  We know criminal charges can be stressful and financially draining, and we work with our defendants to get them through their legal challenges and back their lives.

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    • Affordable Legal Defense

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    • Tough, Experienced Lawyers

    • Defending Misdemeanors & Felonies

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    • We Know Judges And Clerks

    • Dedicated To A Fair Trial

    • Can Represent Multiple Defendants


    How Can Quality Legal Defense Be So Inexpensive?

    From start to finish, our law firm is designed to serve people who are fighting legal challenges.  This often means they do not have large sums of money to spend, and we as their attorneys have a duty to provide the services they need at the best possible prices.  We utilize tech to make our jobs as easy and quick as possible, and work with paralegals and office staff to get work done for a fraction of what other firms charge.

    We Defend Clients In Criminal Cases

    Getting arrested can be devastating.  It is important to have a competent lawyer who works hard for their client to represent you in fighting your charges.  We have earned our reputation for great criminal legal defense at affordable, low prices.

    “The Best Criminal Defense Law Firm In Mesa”

    “Thank you so much! When I was arrested, I was not sure who to call for criminal defense. I took a chance on My AZ Lawyers, and they did a great job! Not only was my lawyer able to successfully defend me in court on some rather trumped up charges, but the price was way lower than other firms has estimated. I was even able to day payments!” – John Sandifri, Mesa, AZ


    Going to jail was devastating for me – I lost my Job, my wife left me, it was the worst thing that could have happened. These guys helped me get through the legal process, get a fair sentence, and even helped me process a bankruptcy and divorce.
    Frank L
    Robert, Candace and the Team at My AZ Lawyers did their job well. It was definitely nice to know that we had a solid defense in place when going to trial. I still got convicted, but I did less time than I was expecting, and I was able to keep my life intact.
    Tyrone R.
    I got my first DUI leaving a work function a few years ago, totally not drunk. I got my second one running to the store for diapers after dinner and literally two glasses of wine. I thought my life was over, I was looking at serious jail time. My AZ Lawyers did their job perfectly, and secured a plea deal that I really needed.
    Samantha S.