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You were arrested for DUI in Arizona.  What happens now?

If you have been arrested for DUI, you need to seek out an attorney with expertise and experience in Arizona DUI law and the Arizona court system.

In particular, My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers will provide you with an advantage when representing your legal matter.  Because of the law firm’s experience and insight, they can better prepare a strong defense — giving you the best possible outcome to your case.

Legal Defense Against DUI and Criminal Charges At Half The Cost Of Many Other Firms.

Financing Options Available.  Offices in Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale and Tucson.

Aggressive when need be, and compassionate to clients when need be:  we help clients through the DUI process from beginning to end.  In addition, our Arizona criminal defense attorneys have specialty training in Arizona DUI law and they are experts in this field of law.

Through preparedness and communication, we serve and defend clients successfully.  Specifically, My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers will keep your best interests in mind and fight for your rights.

When facing criminal charges, we understand that you have much at stake, and much to lose.  Additionally, a DUI conviction can hold serious penalties, and can affect your personal, financial, and professional life.

By all means, call to connect with an attorney so that you can learn about your options and understand your case in order to make good decisions.  Plus, My AZ Criminal Defense offers free case evaluations.


  • My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers will help you achieve the most successful defense and outcome to your particular case.

  • The attorneys at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers are experts with Arizona DUI Criminal law.

  • Our criminal law team has the skills needed to help clients facing DUI or Criminal charges.

  • We excel at representation because our firm has the extensive courtroom experience and knowledge of Arizona DUI law.


Does it Help me to get an Arizona DUI Defense Attorney?

Yes! It will greatly benefit you to get an experienced Arizona Lawyer to defend your rights if you are arrested for a driving under the influence offense.  If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you could be facing stiff penalties and fines, an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, loss of your driving privileges, and possibly jail time.  “Tent City” will have a reservation waiting for you.  Don’t settle for an offer from the prosecutor, have your case evaluated by one of our trusted AZ criminal defense lawyers.  Additionally, your case evaluation is free, call and set your appointment now. (480) 833-8000.

The state of Arizona has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country.  These strict laws are why you need an Arizona Defense Attorney on your side.  Many people feel like they know their rights or have a good understanding of the law.  However, only experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys will be intimately familiar with all of the applicable laws and how to effectively defend your rights.  Also, any attorney can review your case, but only an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney will know precisely how to conduct your defense to make the penalties for your offense as minimal as possible.

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“The Best Criminal Defense Law Firm In Mesa”

“Thank you so much! When I was arrested, I was not sure who to call for criminal defense. I took a chance on My AZ Lawyers, and they did a great job! Not only was my lawyer able to successfully defend me in court on some rather trumped up charges, but the price was way lower than other firms has estimated. I was even able to day payments!” – John Sandifri, Mesa, AZ

“The Best Criminal Defense Law Firm In Mesa”

“Thank you so much! When I was arrested, I was not sure who to call for criminal defense. I took a chance on My AZ Lawyers, and they did a great job! Not only was my lawyer able to successfully defend me in court on some rather trumped up charges, but the price was way lower than other firms has estimated. I was even able to day payments!” – John Sandifri, Mesa, AZ

Where can I find a Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’re in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, or any other city in Arizona, hire a criminal defense team with the experience and knowledge to make a difference in your case.  My AZ Lawyers and My AZ Criminal Defense Team have the skilled lawyers and staff that you want on your side.  Experienced criminal defense lawyers will make the difference you seek when hiring an Arizona DUI attorney.  With free case evaluations and payment plans for every budget, you can’t go wrong with these Arizona criminal defense attorneys.

Lawyers for Criminal Defense in Arizona

When you are faced with such a charge as driving under the influence or another crime in Arizona, it is important that you seek a criminal defense team who will give you the best representation possible for Arizona criminal defense law.

Our Arizona Criminal Attorneys have criminal defense experts that are experienced in DUI and criminal defense throughout Arizona; our trusted lawyers offer aggressive representation.  You want a Arizona DUI lawyers that will best prepare a defense, represent you in court, and get you the best outcome possible for your case.  Call our Arizona Criminal Defense team today.


If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Arizona, please do not hesitate in contacting the Arizona Criminal Defense Team at My AZ Lawyers.  One of our Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers are easily accessible and available to speak with you about this serious charge.

You will be able to make good decisions about the criminal charge after you consult with an experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer.  A free consultation with our Arizona criminal lawyers will give you better clarity and you will better understand your how to handle your situation as we prepare your criminal defense.

Call our Arizona Criminal Attorneys for a FREE CASE EVALUATION with a My AZ Lawyer attorney.

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    Mesa AZ DUI Lawyer

    The Mesa DUI Lawyers can help you if you have been charged with a criminal offense or DUI in Mesa, Arizona.  Also, our Mesa DUI Attorneys offer free case evaluations.  Contact our Mesa lawyers today.

    It is in your best interest to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges in Arizona.  Our Mesa lawyers can examine the details of your case and provide options in order to successfully defend your charge(s).  In other words, the sooner you call, the sooner we can protect your rights and determine how to proceed with your case.

    Therefore, choosing My AZ Criminal defense lawyers is the best choice as we offer unbeatable pricing, financing options, payment plans, and have successfully defended many clients with criminal defense.

    DUI Attorneys in Tempe AZ

    The Tempe DUI Law Firm of My AZ Criminal Defense will provide you with options and a defense that will work toward your advantage.  Our experienced DUI attorneys in Tempe specialize in drunk driving arrests.  The experienced lawyers at our firm professions in dealing with the court and prosecutors in Tempe.

    The Tempe DUI team of attorneys can analyze your case, examine the details of your arrest, and give you the information you need.  We’ll provide a free initial consultation to evaluate your criminal defense case.

    Find out how our Tempe law firm can help you.  Also, we offer payment plans, financing options, and affordable representation.

    Gilbert AZ DUI Attorney

    As soon as you’ve been charged with a DUI in Gilbert, Arizona you need to contact a Gilbert DUI attorney.  The quality DUI attorneys at My AZ Criminal Defense know how to protect your rights and defend your case.

    The Gilbert DUI attorneys are experienced in successfully representing clients and know the DUI law in Arizona.  At My AZ Criminal Defense, our Gilbert DUI lawyers will examine each case, prepare a defense, and provide options with information.  Our Gilbert criminal defense law firm cares about our clients as well as providing payment plans, unbeatable pricing, and financing options.

    DUI Lawyer in Chandler AZ

    Our Chandler DUI lawyers defends clients in Chandler against DUI charges in Arizona.  Also, Chandler DUI Lawyers are experienced and skilled in Arizona DUI Law, DUI process, and court system.

    Our experienced Arizona criminal lawyers will represent your case and aggressively defend and protect your rights.  It is always best to consult and seek the help of an experienced Chandler attorney in DUI cases.  The lawyers at our Chandler DUI law firm can help to your advantage to contact us immediately.  Particularly, our attorneys are knowledgeable of the DUI laws in Arizona.

    This Arizona criminal defense team has been helping clients in Chandler and throughout Arizona get through some of the toughest criminal cases.  Our Arizona based law firm will offer you financing options, low money down, payment plans, and aggressive representation when dealing with your AZ criminal charges.