What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition Interlock Devices have been proven effective in states where drunk driving is especially common. Is states like Arizona, Ignition Interlocks Devices are mandatory for all drunk driving offenders, even first time offenders. But what exactly is an Ignition Interlock Device? Let’s look at some facts about the device, how the device works, and how DUI lawyers or a DUI defense attorney in Mesa can help you with your DUI case.

A potential penalty one may receive from a DUI conviction is having a mechanism called an Ignition Interlock Device, also known as an IID, installed in your vehicle. For the past thirty years, ignition interlock devices have become increasingly popular and required by law for convicted drunk drivers. This device is a compact breathalyzer that connects directly to the ignition of the vehicle. When one wishes to drive, they must blow into the device and pass with no detection of alcohol in order for the ignition interlock device to allow them to start the car. When convicted of a DUI in Mesa Arizona, all first time offenders must have the device installed in their car, and the cost for the device comes from the offender. Most ignition interlock devices also require the driver to breathe into the device at random times after the car is started.

Should the driver fail the breath sample test, the ignition interlock device will sound a very loud alarm until the driver turns off the ignition or provides the device with a clean breath sample. Usually, after the suspension of the driver’s license is up and they receive a new one, the license will often carry a note or symbol that says the driver uses an ignition interlock device on their car. This is so officer can recognize if a drunk driving suspects has had previous convictions.

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Ignition interlock devices are required to meet standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that ensure that the devices are effective. The devices themselves are relatively expensive. The initial cost of installation is approximately $150 and the cost of monthly maintenance, calibration, and monitoring can get as high as $80. The consequences of driving drunk can really get expensive.

Because ignition interlock devices often require a retest while driving at random times, the possibility of having another person blow into the device for you can blow up in your face. This does not mean the vehicle will abruptly stop when a retest is failed while driving; it means that the vehicle’s lights will flash and the vehicle’s horns or alarms will sound to alert law enforcement of a drunk driver. The possibility of using compressed air (such as a dust cleaning can) is also eliminated as ignition interlock devices have special gauges that evaluate the temperature and air density of the air blown into it that can detect a fraudulent blow.

Has the Ignition Interlock Device worked for reducing drunk driving?

In many places, yes! Hawaii, our country’s most dangerous state when it comes to drunk driving incidents, is one of many states that has passed ignition interlock laws for all first time convicted DUIs. Since the passing of the law in 2011, Hawaii has seen a 23% drop in drunk driving incidents. However, some states impose relatively gentle ignition interlock laws that have little effect. States where ignition interlock devices are mandatory for all first time offenders have seen the most significant drop in drunk driving accidents and fatalities.

Being wrongly convicted of a DUI in Mesa could be detrimental, and not just because you will have to install an ignition interlock device on your car. It is extremely important to find a DUI lawyer or DUI defense attorney in Mesa that is well versed in DUI law and has a good track record of successful DUI cases.

interlock ignition device Unfortunately, offenders often go back to old habits after having the ignition interlock device removed. However, statistics prove that when the ignition interlock device installation is paired with therapy treatment and a period of compliance that this rate goes down slightly.

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