FAQs (Frequently Asked Arizona Criminal Defense Questions)

Does it Help me to get a DUI Defense Attorney?

This is one of our most popular FAQs.  Answer:  Yes!  It will greatly benefit you to get an experienced Arizona DUI Lawyer to defend your rights; especially, if you are arrested for a driving under the influence offense.  If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you could be facing stiff penalties and fines.  Also, an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, loss of your driving privileges, and possibly jail time.  “Tent City” will have a reservation waiting for you.  Don’t settle for an offer from the prosecutor.  Instead, have your case evaluated by one of our trusted AZ criminal defense lawyers.  Your case evaluation is free, call and set your appointment now.  (480) 531-8178.

Additionally, the State of Arizona has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country.  In fact, these strict laws are why you need an Arizona DUI Defense Attorney on your side.  Many people feel like they know their rights or have a good understanding of the law, but only experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys will be intimately familiar with all of the applicable laws and how to effectively defend your rights.  Any attorney can review your case, but only an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney will know precisely how to conduct your defense to make the penalties for your offense as minimal as possible.

Where can I find a Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Answer:  If you’re in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, or any other city in Arizona, hire a criminal defense team with the experience and knowledge to make a difference in your case.   In particular, My AZ Lawyers and My AZ Criminal Defense Team have the skilled lawyers and staff that you want on your side.  Experienced criminal defense lawyers Rob Curigliano and Justin Spencer will make the difference you seek when hiring an Arizona DUI attorney.  With free case evaluations and payment plans for every budget, you can’t go wrong with these Arizona criminal defense attorneys.

I am Charged with a crime, Should I Hire an Attorney?

Answer:  Yes!  Having skilled legal representation on your side during the stress of criminal procedures can be the difference between large fines, long jail time, and huge repercussions for your future.  Protect your freedom and make a better future for yourself.  A strong criminal defense starts from the moment of the arrest, or the moment you learn of a criminal investigation.  Contact an experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Team and let the professionals defend you against the charges.

How serious is a simple DUI charge in Arizona?

Answer:  Because of the potential effects on your personal, family, professional, and financial life, any criminal charge should be considered serious.  A DUI charge in Arizona, even a first offense, may result in revocation of your drivers’ privilege, probation, hefty fines, and other penalties.  In order to take the best course of action for your future, consult an experienced Arizona DUI attorney. 

To what extent do I cooperate with law enforcement?

Answer:  If you are facing criminal charges, it is the job of law enforcement to prove your guilt.  Often times officers are on your side; however, if you don’t understand your rights, and you feel you need to totally cooperate, you may be giving them incriminating information.  If you have questions about your rights and where you stand after a criminal charge, consult with an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney.  After receiving information and details about your charge an attorney can give you options.  Options to include more specific advice regarding what defense you may have.

What can I expect if my case goes to trial?

Answer:  Our attorneys will often times try to come to a resolution with a case before it has to go to court.  Although, sometimes either that is not a possibility, or it is better for your case to go to trial.  Each case is different, and it depends on the details of your case and how the prosecution pursues your charges.  Having an attorney representing your rights and providing the best defense for your charge who is capable and experienced in trial is crucial.  Call to schedule a free consultation with an attorney who is not only an expert in Arizona Criminal Defense law, but who will proceed and represent your best interests.