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    Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys With Financing & Payment Options Available

    Our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to providing trustworthy legal representation, ensuring your rights are vigorously defended. Recognizing the financial challenges individuals may face, we offer flexible financing options to ease the burden of legal expenses. With a commitment to transparency, we discuss payment plans tailored to your specific needs during the initial consultation. Our goal is to make quality legal representation accessible to everyone, irrespective of financial constraints.

    We prioritize open communication and strive to keep you informed about your case’s progress at every step. Choose our law firm for reliable and skilled criminal defense, coupled with payment solutions that make quality legal representation affordable for all.

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For DUI Charges With Financing And Payment Plans

    Types Of DUI Charges Our Scottsdale Law Firm Handles:

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Regular DUI

    Regular DUI

    If you’ve been charged with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher, this is a regular DUI and our attorneys are well versed in handling them!

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Simple DUI

    Simple DUI

    Simple DUIs, similar to Regular DUIs, refers to the basic offense of driving under the influence without additional qualifiers such as extreme BAC levels.

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Underage DUI

    Underage DUI

    We can handle underage DUIs which refers to a person under the legal drinking age who is caught driving with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system.

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Extreme DUI

    Extreme DUI

    An Extreme DUI is a more severe charge when your BAC is 0.15% or higher. Penalties are typically more serious so contact us to help with a defense!

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Super Extreme DUI

    Super Extreme DUI

    Our Scottsdale DUI attorneys are skilled at handling more serious offenses such as super extreme DUIs where blood alcohol levels are 0.20% or higher.

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Marijuana DUI

    Marijuana DUI

    A Marijuana DUI involves driving under the influence of cannabis. In jurisdictions where it is legal, there are established limits for THC in the blood. Let us help with your charge!

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Drug DUI

    Drug DUI

    If you’re facing a Drug DUI because you were driving under the influence of any controlled substance other than alcohol or marijuana, let our attorneys help!

    Our Scottsdale DUI Law Firm Handles Aggravated DUI

    Aggravated DUI

    Don’t face your aggravated DUI alone! If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and the circumstances lead to an aggravated offense, contact our attorneys for skilled representation.

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    I’m so glad I chose MY AZ Lawyers. This firm has treated me with respect and kindness. They have all worked to help me so much. And there has always been someone willing to talk with me and answer questions. Nick is so nice and great at explaining things. And Jacqueline is extremely knowledgeable. Just to name a few. Thank you for all the hard work and help. I would definitely recommend this firm.

    A. G

    I am so thankful for My AZ Lawyers! They worked hard on my case, particularly with criminal law (DUI). Their attention to detail was impeccable, and their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal assistance.

    D. R

    I highly recommend this law firm. Bryce was the attorney that handled my DUI case. He handled everything for me and explained things to where I could easily and fully understand. Bryce was very professional and helpful. Everyone I spoke with over the phone was helpful and friendly as well. The billing process was simple and affordable.

    E. R

    Meet Our Criminal Defense Managing Attorney

    Our trusted criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in negotiation, in the courtroom, and with clients to ensure that you receive only the best legal services. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our team has the expertise you need. Call us today to schedule your obligation-free consultation with one of our Arizona defense lawyers!

    Bryce Brown, Criminal Defense Attorney


    Criminal Defense Attorney, My AZ Lawyers

    He attended the University of Kansas on a Division I golf scholarship, earning a bachelor’s in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Accounting. Bryce then attended Creighton School of Law. At Creighton University School of Law, Bryce gained valuable oral argument experience, leading to an appearance in the quarterfinals of the school’s prestigious moot court competition. Bryce was later elected to the moot court competition Executive Committee, where he was sought out as a mentor to fellow classmates.
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    Police Cars Pulling Over Driver For A DUI In Arizona

    What To Do If You’re Pulled Over For DUI In Scottsdale

    When you’re pulled over for a DUI in the Scottsdale area, it is essential to remember to do several things in order to protect your rights, build a future defense in the event of getting charged, and potentially reduce your sentence:

    • Ensure You Have Your License, Registration, & Insurance Ready

    • Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent

    • Notify The Officer About Any Medical Conditions You May Have

    • Refuse To Participate In A Preliminary Breathalyzer Test

    What To Do If You Are Arrested For DUI In Scottsdale

    If you find yourself facing a DUI arrest in Scottsdale, swift and informed action is paramount to protect your rights and navigate the legal process effectively. From the moment of arrest, it’s crucial to remain composed and refrain from making statements without legal counsel present. Contact our office as soon as you can so we can help determine how to handle your case. There are also a few other things that are beneficial to consider if you’re arrested:

    Call Your DUI Attorney In Scottsdale, AZ

    Request To Contact Your Attorney

    If you’ve been arrested, it is recommended to exercise your right to remain silent and request to contact your Scottsdale DUI attorney.

    Request An Independent Blood Test

    Ask For An Independent Blood Test

    It is your legal right to ask for an independent blood test upon arrest and our attorneys recommend this course of action.

    Hire An Experienced Lawyer Specialized In Scottsdale DUI Cases

    Retain A Skilled Attorney With Extensive Experience In DUI Cases

    It is essential to retain an attorney that you can trust with extensive experience so that you can work together throughout the course of your DUI charge.

    Defend Your Rights When Facing DUI Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

    Strong Defense Strategy With Our DUI Attorneys Near Scottsdale

    Develop A Strong Defense Strategy With Our DUI Lawyers

    When confronting the serious legal ramifications of DUI felony or misdemeanor charges, it’s crucial to safeguard your rights with the expertise of our seasoned DUI lawyers. Our legal team is dedicated to developing a robust defense strategy tailored to your unique case. With a wealth of experience in handling both felony and misdemeanor DUI cases, we are committed to protecting your interests and advocating for the best possible outcome.

    Aggressive Legal Representation For DUI Cases Near You

    Whether you’re facing charges in the heart of the city or a nearby neighborhood, our attorneys are dedicated to fiercely advocating for your rights. With a proven track record of success, we are committed to challenging evidence, scrutinizing procedures, and employing strategic legal maneuvers to secure the best possible outcome for your DUI case. Trust us to stand by your side and vigorously defend your interests in the local legal landscape.

    Aggressive Legal Representation For DUI Cases
    Attorneys At MY AZ Criminal Defense Working On A DUI Defense Near Scottsdale

    Highly Qualified DUI Attorneys To Help You Build A Solid Case

    Let us assist you in constructing a solid and effective defense tailored to your case. With decades of experience in the field and specialized expertise in DUI law, we are dedicated to providing you with the strategic guidance needed to navigate the legal complexities surrounding your charges. Our attorneys will meticulously review the evidence, explore legal precedents, and leverage their knowledge to build a robust defense tailored to your unique situation.

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    Whether you are facing DUI charges in the vibrant downtown area or the upscale residential communities, our legal team is dedicated to providing comprehensive representation. We are committed to assisting clients throughout Scottsdale, ensuring they receive expert legal support tailored to their specific neighborhood context.

    Have You Been Charged With DUI In Troon North?
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    If you are worried about being wrongly charged in your DUI case in Troon North, look no further for a strategic defense than our skilled DUI defense attorneys!

    Worried About The Consequences Of A DUI Conviction In DC Ranch?
    Our Skilled Attorneys Are Here For You

    Discover peace of mind when you have My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers representation by your side for your DUI charge in DC Ranch.

    Dealing With Multiple DUI Charges In Gainey Ranch?
    Our Criminal Defense Firm Stands by Your Side

    Whether your DUI charge is a misdemeanor or a more serious felony due to multiple arrests in Gainey Ranch, we have the skills to assist in your case!

    Are You Facing A Driver’s License Suspension Due To A DUI Arrest In McCormick Ranch?
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    Let My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers help you determine the best course of action and defense strategy for your DUI charge in McCormick Ranch.

    Have You Been Arrested For Drunk Driving In North Scottsdale?
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    Experience trusted attorneys who treat each case individually and take the time to listen in North Scottsdale. Contact our office today for a consultation!

    Were You Charged With Aggravated DUI In Old Town Scottsdale?
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    When you’re facing charges for a DUI, whether it’s aggravated or simple, in Old Town Scottsdale, our criminal defense attorneys are here for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Law enforcement officers are trained to look for various signs of intoxication when seeking potentially impaired drivers. Firstly, officers observe erratic driving behaviors such as swerving, speeding, or abrupt lane changes. Additionally, they pay attention to physical signs, including slurred speech, bloodshot or glassy eyes, and the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath. The driver’s motor skills and coordination are also assessed through tasks like field sobriety tests, where difficulty in performing simple physical tasks may indicate impairment. Officers often look for signs of impairment during initial interactions, such as confusion or an inability to follow instructions. The presence of open containers, empty alcohol bottles, or drug paraphernalia in the vehicle may further raise suspicion. A driver’s demeanor, including nervousness or aggression, can also be factors that draw the attention of law enforcement.
    While the Miranda warning is a crucial element in protecting your rights during custodial interrogation, the failure to read your Miranda rights does not automatically result in a case dismissal. Miranda rights are typically applicable when a suspect is in custody and subject to interrogation by law enforcement. If the police fail to provide the Miranda warning, any statements you make during custodial interrogation may be deemed inadmissible in court. However, the failure to read Miranda rights does not automatically invalidate other evidence or charges related to the arrest. Courts consider the totality of circumstances, and if there is enough evidence apart from the statements made without Miranda warnings, the case may proceed.
    A DUI is typically classified as a misdemeanor, but the severity of the charge can vary based on certain factors. A first and second DUI offense within a seven-year period is generally considered a misdemeanor, with escalating penalties for subsequent offenses. However, certain circumstances, such as aggravated DUI or DUI with injury, can elevate the charge to a felony. Aggravated DUI may involve factors like having a suspended license, a third DUI offense within 84 months, or DUI with a passenger under 15 years old. Felony DUI convictions carry more severe consequences, including longer prison sentences and greater fines. If you are facing a Scottsdale DUI charge, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, contact our experienced attorneys who can assess the specific details of the case and provide guidance for your situation.
    In Arizona, multiple DUI convictions lead to increasingly severe consequences. A second DUI offense within a seven-year period results in mandatory jail time ranging from 90 days to 6 months, hefty fines, license suspension for one year, and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. For a third DUI conviction within seven years, the penalties escalate to a minimum of four months in prison, substantial fines, a three-year license revocation, and compulsory ignition interlock installation. Beyond the legal repercussions, multiple DUI convictions can adversely impact employment opportunities, insurance rates, and one’s overall reputation. The state of Arizona takes a stringent stance on DUI offenses, and individuals facing multiple convictions should seek My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers legal counsel promptly to explore defense strategies and mitigate the potential consequences.
    When facing a DUI charge, choosing a private DUI attorney over a public defender can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case. With a private DUI attorney, you benefit from personalized attention, as they can devote more time to understanding the specifics of your situation and crafting a tailored defense strategy. Unlike public defenders who may have heavy caseloads, a private attorney can provide a more focused and dedicated approach to your defense. Additionally, private attorneys often have specialized expertise in DUI cases, staying abreast of the latest legal developments and employing effective defense tactics. With a private DUI attorney, you gain greater control over your legal representation, ensuring that your advocate is working exclusively in your best interests.
    Absolutely! A skilled Scottsdale DUI attorney can play a crucial role in helping you expunge your criminal record. With their expertise, they can guide you through the legal process, assess your eligibility for expungement, and advocate on your behalf to clear your record. Expunging a DUI conviction can have significant benefits, from enhancing employment prospects to restoring your personal reputation. Our experienced team of DUI attorneys is dedicated to providing personalized and effective legal representation, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the expungement process and work towards a clean slate. Contact My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers today for a confidential consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your future.
    DUI Lawyers Answering Our Frequently Asked Questions

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