Candace Kallen, Managing Attorney of My AZ Lawyers

Candace E. Kallen is the owner and managing attorney with My AZ Lawyers.
Ms. Kallen received her Juris Doctor at the Arizona Summit Law School after completing her Bachelors of Science in Communication and Public Relations at East Carolina University.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Candace Kallen has lived in Florida as well as North Carolina. During this time she gained 6 years of managerial experience prior to returning to Phoenix and joining the firm in May 2014.  Working as Managing Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, and as a Family Law lawyer, her cases frequently involve domestic relations, fathers’ rights, child custody, and spousal maintenance.

The best part of the job for Ms. Candace Kallen is to make the hard times facing her clients as easy as possible.

Candace’s areas of practice include: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Annulments, Modifications, Grandparent’s Rights, and all general Arizona family law matters.

Candace Kallen is also a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury attorneys at My Arizona Lawyers.

Candace’s attorney profile on Avvo.  See Candace on FindLaw for Legal Resource.  Candace Kallen is listed on LawLink, The Attorney Network Research Family Law legal information on Lawyer Central.

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