Cardinal’s Receiver Charged with DUI in Scottsdale

Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Michael Floyd, 27 years old, was released from the professional NFL team a day after he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Floyd had been suspended from the Notre Dame football team in 2011 because of an alcohol-related DUI arrest.

cardinal receiver charged with dui in scottsdale

The Cardinals cut Floyd, who was preparing to become a free agent in the off-season. Floyd’s arrest for suspicion of DUI happened early Monday morning in Scottsdale, AZ after the team returned from a game in Florida against the Miami Dolphins. The long day for Floyd got a bit longer after Scottsdale police took the wide receiver in custody after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel at a stop light.

According to an Arizona police spokesman, Floyd was at the wheel of a 2017 Cadillac Escalade in Scottsdale. A police officer reported that Floyd was behind the wheel asleep just hours after the team flight returned home. Floyd’s eyes were closed, head back, foot on the brake, vehicle running. After several attempts to wake Floyd, the Scottsdale police officer said he would not comply with basic commands. The vehicle Floyd was driving was impounded and towed.

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Floyd was physically removed from the SUV. According to the police report. Earlier in the day Floyd and the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Miami Dolphins in Miami. Floyd did claim to having a couple glasses of wine either on the plane or at the Scottsdale hotel he was leaving when arrested.

Floyd was released from the jail detention where he was held on suspicion of two counts of DUI, failure to obey a police officer, and obstructing a roadway. Floyd can now either plead guilty to the charges against him or seek the assistance of criminal defense lawyers to fight the charges.

cardinals receiver michael floyd charged dui in scottsdale Floyd’s Scottsdale DUI arrest may cost the soon-to-be free agent receiver millions depending on if a team is willing to take the risk on an individual with multiple alcohol related incidents. Coupled with costly drops on the playing field, Monday’s arrest was not ideal for Floyd’s financial future.

The alleged charges against Michael Floyd weren’t a totally bad turn of events. Floyd quickly found a new home for the remainder of the 2016 NFL season as the New England Patriots signed the former Cardinal wide out for the remainder of the season. Joining the Patriots gives Floyd a much better chance of playing in the playoffs this year and possibly reaching the Superbowl. His former team, the Arizona Cardinals, were officially eliminated from playoff contention with Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

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