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Drug possession laws and Drug Crimes in Phoenix are serious.  Criminal charges are prosecuted with heavy penalties.  Even simple possession is a considerable offense.
If convicted of a drug crime, you could be facing:

  • prison time
  • a permanent criminal record
  • a damaged reputation
  • financial, personal and professional damage

Charged with a drug crime in Phoenix?

Have you been arrested on drug charges?  If so, then your rights and future are too important to trust to just anyone.  In fact, on both state and federal levels, there are harsh penalties for these crimes and they are tirelessly pursued by law enforcement and prosecutors.  Only tough, aggressive legal representation in can help ensure the best possible outcome for you in this type of case.  Specifically, the Phoenix Defense Lawyers at My AZ Criminal Defense understand the high stakes of these cases and know how to effectively navigate them.
Do not let a drug crimes accusation jeopardize your rights or compromise your future.  If you have been charged, contact an Phoenix drug crime attorney for dedicated and experienced representation.

An attorney gives information about drug crimes in this video. Also, discussed are the penalties for drug crimes in the state of Phoenix.  If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced Phoenix Criminal Defense attorney, contact our trusted firm at (480) 833-8000.

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    Drug Crime Lawyers in Phoenix

    If you find yourself suspected or arrested for a crime; it is very important to retain the representation of an experienced Phoenix drug crimes attorney who can provide you with the aggressive defense you need throughout the criminal process.  The criminal defense team that you choose should have a strong background in criminal defense, and be very skilled at fighting drug charges.

    Phoenix Drug Crime Lawyers Near Me

    The My AZ Advantage

    At the law offices My AZ Lawyers, we have a large legal team with the experience & skill set to address your criminal defense needs. We’ve defended clients against all types of drug charges, from simple possession charges to more serious violations like drug manufacturing.

    Get Proper Drug Defense

    Our Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorneys know that law enforcement officials make mistakes when it comes to investigating a possible drug crime.  For example, if these officials overlook the slightest detail it may violate your constitutional rights and cause you more issues in the future.

    Tell Us About Your Case

    Investigating the drug charges against you is only the start of what our aggressive criminal defense attorneys provide.  We also provide great defense for all Phoenix drug crimes.  By all means, give us a call and set up a free, no hassle, confidential consultation today to tell us about your case.


    • My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers will help you achieve the most successful defense and outcome to your particular case.
    • The attorneys at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers are experienced with Phoenix drug crime law.
    • Our criminal law team has the skills to help clients facing drug crime charges.
    • My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in Arizona drug crimes & laws.
    • They also know the AZ court system and will base their recommendations and defense upon the specifics of your particular case.
    • Advocate on your behalf, protecting your rights and fighting for the best desired outcome for your particular case.
    • Knowledgeable legal strategies for both state and federal charges.
    • FREE initial case evaluation, Same Day Consultations, Low Money Down and Payment Plans.



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