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    Affordable Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers With Flexible Financing Options

    Our team of skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyers understands the financial challenges associated with legal representation. We pride ourselves on offering affordable services, and we believe that everyone deserves access to quality legal defense. Our flexible financing options are designed to accommodate your budget, ensuring that you can secure competent legal representation without undue financial strain.

    With a commitment to providing effective and affordable defense, our lawyers will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that suits your needs and financial circumstances with a flat-rate fee. Don’t let cost be a barrier, trust our affordable lawyers to safeguard your interests.

    Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorneys With Financing And Payment Plans

    Drug Crime Cases Handled By Our Law Firm:

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Possession Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Possession

    When you’re facing charges of drug possession, let our experienced criminal attorneys fight for your rights throughout the process.

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Trafficking Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Trafficking

    Experience personalized care by experienced attorneys you can trust when you’re charged with drug trafficking in the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Transportation Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Transportation

    If you’ve found yourself transporting drugs, whether with prior knowledge or without, we can handle your defense strategies!

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Distribution Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Distribution

    Drug distribution charges are serious and can result in hefty consequences. Look no further than us for help in alternative sentencing.

    Our Law Firm Handles Marijuana Possession Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Marijuana Possession

    Discover top-notch legal defense against your marijuana possession charges with our attorneys at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers.

    Our Law Firm Handles Cultivation Of Marijuana Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Cultivation Of Marijuana

    Don’t face your charges for marijuana cultivation alone. We will work hard to create a strong defense for the best possible outcome.

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Crime Misdemeanor Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Crime Misdemeanors

    Trust us to navigate the legal complexities of drug crimes, build a strong defense for your case, and work toward a positive solution.

    Our Law Firm Handles Drug Crime Felony Charges In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Crime Felonies

    Facing drug crime felonies can be daunting, but our dedicated legal team is ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance.

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    5-Star Rated Drug Crimes Defense Law Firm In Phoenix

    Court rooms are a scary place, and these guys were my security blanket. My attorney met with me at times that fit my schedule, and help me settle my disputes quickly and painlessly. I highly recommend yusing them if you ever find yourself in need of legal representation. Thanks again.

    Lenny Smiegel

    Thank you so much! When I was arrested, I wasn’t sure who to call for criminal defense. I took a chance on My AZ Lawyers, and they did a great job! Not only was my lawyer able to successfully defend me in court on some rather trumped up charges, but the price was way lower than other firms has estimated.

    John Sandifri

    Meet Our Criminal Defense Managing Attorney

    Our trusted criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in negotiation, in the courtroom, and with clients to ensure that you receive only the best legal services. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our team has the expertise you need. Call us today to schedule your obligation-free consultation with one of our Arizona defense lawyers!

    Bryce Brown, Criminal Defense Attorney


    Criminal Defense Attorney, My AZ Lawyers

    He attended the University of Kansas on a Division I golf scholarship, earning a bachelor’s in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Accounting. Bryce then attended Creighton School of Law. At Creighton University School of Law, Bryce gained valuable oral argument experience, leading to an appearance in the quarterfinals of the school’s prestigious moot court competition. Bryce was later elected to the moot court competition Executive Committee, where he was sought out as a mentor to fellow classmates.
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    Police Cars Pulling Over Driver For Drug Possession In Phoenix, Arizona

    Steps To Take When Facing An Arrest For Drug Possession In Arizona

    When you’re arrested for drug possession, it is essential to get in contact with our criminal defense attorneys right away. Additionally, ensure you take these steps:

    • Exercise Your Right To Stay Silent & Consult With A Criminal Defense Attorney

    • Get Ready For The Initial Appearance & Learn About The Status Conference

    • Understand The Importance Of The Preliminary Hearing In The Process Leading To A Trial

    • Evaluate The Options Of Negotiation Or Trial For Drug Possession Charges In Arizona

    Legal Strategies That Can Be Used To Get Drug Crime Charges Dismissed Or Reduced In Arizona

    At our law firm, we employ several legal strategies to pursue the dismissal or reduction of drug crime charges. First and foremost, challenges to the constitutionality of searches and seizures may lead to evidence suppression, weakening the prosecution’s case. Our attorneys scrutinize whether law enforcement followed proper procedures, such as obtaining search warrants or having valid reasons for searches. Additionally, we may explore the possibility of proving insufficient evidence or lack of intent to establish the accused’s involvement in the alleged drug crime.

    Our Phoenix drug crime lawyers can also negotiate with prosecutors for a plea bargain, seeking reduced charges or penalties in exchange for cooperation or admission of guilt. Emphasizing mitigating factors, such as a clean criminal record, genuine remorse, or participation in rehabilitation programs, can be instrumental in securing favorable outcomes. Another approach involves challenging the credibility of witnesses or informants, casting doubt on the reliability of their statements.

    Furthermore, demonstrating violations of the defendant’s Miranda rights or the mishandling of evidence could contribute to a dismissal. Our attorneys explore diversion programs or drug courts as alternatives, emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment. Collaborating with expert witnesses, such as forensic experts or medical professionals, can strengthen the defense’ arguments and we will do what we can to ensure a strong defense.

    Ultimately, the key lies in crafting a multifaceted defense strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of your case, leveraging legal nuances and factual considerations. For a strong legal defense, contact our criminal defense lawyers today!

    Drug Possession In A Borrowed Vehicle In Phoenix, AZ

    Drug Possession In A Borrowed Vehicle

    Let us help you establish your lack of knowledge or control over the presence of drugs in a vehicle as a crucial defense against your charges.

    Insufficient Evidence To Be Held Responsible Of Drug-Related Charges

    Insufficient Evidence

    We will help cast doubt on the adequacy or credibility of the evidence presented, creating a reasonable belief that you are not guilty.

    Ignorance That A Passenger In Your Vehicle Possessed Drugs

    Ignorance That A Passenger In Your Vehicle Possessed Drugs

    Another defense involves asserting that you were unaware of the drugs in your vehicle and had no control over your passenger’s actions.

    Police Entrapment In Phoenix, AZ

    Police Entrapment

    A police entrapment defense argues that law enforcement coerced you into committing a crime you would not have otherwise committed.

    Lack Of Knowledge

    Lack Of Knowledge

    Our attorneys can help you with a lack of knowledge defense asserting that you had no knowledge of the presence of drugs.

    Illegal Search For Drugs In Your Home Or Vehicle In Phoenix, AZ

    Illegal Search

    Illegal search asserts that law enforcement violated the Fourth Amendment rights of the accused by conducting an unreasonable search.

    Defend Your Legal Rights Against Both Felony & Misdemeanor Drug Crime Charges

    Develop A Strong Case Strategy With Our Criminal Defense Lawyers In Phoenix

    Work With Our Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers To Develop A Winning Case Strategy

    When facing the complexities of both felony and misdemeanor drug crime charges, it’s crucial to safeguard your legal rights with the assistance of our experienced criminal defense lawyers. We specialize in developing winning case strategies tailored to your unique situation, ensuring the best possible defense.

    Get Expert Legal Advice & Develop A Strong Case Strategy To Defend Yourself Against Criminal Charges

    When you’re being confronted with drug-related charges, securing legal advice is paramount. Our team provides personalized counsel to help you navigate the legal complexities of your case. Trust us to develop a robust case strategy, ensuring a strong defense and working tirelessly to protect your rights.

    Expert Legal Advice Against Drug-Related Criminal Charges Near You In Phoenix
    Experienced Drug Crime Attorneys To Help You Build A Strong Defense

    Experienced Drug Crime Attorneys To Help You Fight Your Drug Charges & Build A Strong Defense

    At My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers, we possess the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate your drug-related legal matters. Our seasoned attorneys will fight diligently on your behalf, ensuring a strong defense tailored to the specifics of your case. Contact us today for a no-pressure consultation!

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    Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Our dedicated criminal defense attorneys proudly serve various Phoenix neighborhoods, ensuring legal expertise tailored to the unique dynamics of each community. Whether you’re in Downtown Phoenix, Sunnyslope, Encanto, Maryvale, or North Phoenix, our seasoned team at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers is committed to providing top-notch legal representation. We specialize in a range of criminal defense matters, from drug-related charges to misdemeanors and felonies. With a deep understanding of Arizona’s legal landscape, we are poised to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case. Trust us to be your reliable legal partner, serving the diverse neighborhoods of Phoenix with dedication.

    Legal Representation For Drug-Related Offenses In North Mountain Village, Phoenix

    Have You Been Charged With A Drug-Related Offense In North Mountain Village?
    Our Skilled Drug Crime Lawyers Are Here To Fight For Your Rights

    If you’re facing charges for a drug-related offense in North Mountain Village, look no further for a legal team with expertise in Arizona’s complex drug laws. We specialize in defending individuals against such charges, offering personalized and strategic legal guidance.

    Felony Charges For Drug Trafficking Or Possession In North Phoenix, AZ

    Facing Felony Charges For Drug Trafficking Or Possession In North Phoenix?
    Get In Touch With Us Today!

    Rely on our team of criminal attorneys for help against your drug trafficking or possession charges in North Phoenix. Our team understands the gravity of such charges and will help you form a strong defense tailored to your unique circumstances for the best possible outcome.

    Legal Representation For Drug-Related Misdemeanors In Maryvale, Phoenix

    Are You Unsure About The Potential Consequences Of A Drug-Related Misdemeanor In Maryvale?
    We Provide Legal Counseling Tailored To Your Case

    Navigating the potential consequences of a drug-related misdemeanor in Maryvale can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our law firm’s legal team is well-versed in Arizona drug laws and is committed to providing you with the guidance and advocacy you need.

    Challenge Unlawful Search In Your Drug Crime Case In Encanto, Phoenix

    Need A Legal Expert To Challenge Unlawful Search & Seizure Tactics In Your Drug Crime Case In Encanto?
    Our Dedicated Lawyers Are Ready To Scrutinize The Details

    Our team specializes in challenging unlawful searches and seizures, meticulously examining the details of your case to build a strong defense in Encanto. With a focus on protecting your constitutional rights, we are prepared to challenge any evidence obtained unlawfully.

    Lawyers For Prescription Drug Fraud Or Illegal Distribution In Sunnyslope, Phoenix

    Charged With Prescription Drug Fraud Or Illegal Distribution In Sunnyslope?
    Talk To A Well-Versed Lawyer Today!

    When you’re charged with prescription drug fraud or illegal distribution in Sunnyslope, trust our legal expertise to guide you through these challenging times. We understand the intricacies of drug-related charges and are committed to providing robust defense for your unique situation.

    Fight The Potential Penalties Of A Drug Conviction In Downtown Phoenix, AZ

    Concerned About The Potential Penalties Of A Drug Conviction In Downtown Phoenix?
    Contact Us!

    If you’re facing the daunting prospect of a drug conviction in Downtown Phoenix, securing legal representation is crucial. Our team at My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers defends individuals against drug charges, offering strategies to mitigate potential penalties and protect your rights.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Yes, you can be charged with drug possession even if the drugs are not physically on your person. If the drugs are found in an area you control or in close proximity to you, you may be considered in constructive possession. Our Phoenix drug crime attorneys will help you establish a legal defense, such as not being aware of the presence of the drugs or not having control over the area they were found to build a robust defense against the possession charges.
    If you are arrested for a drug-related offense, it’s crucial to remain calm and exercise your right to remain silent. Refrain from volunteering information without legal representation present. Contact our qualified drug crime attorneys immediately to ensure your rights are protected and to receive guidance on the best course of action. Avoid consenting to searches without a warrant and be cooperative while asserting your right to legal counsel.
    Yes, Arizona has mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses. The severity of the mandatory minimums depends on factors such as the type and quantity of the drug involved, prior criminal history, and whether the offense occurred in a drug-free school zone. For example, possession of a dangerous drug can result in a mandatory prison term of one year for a first offense and three years for a subsequent offense.
    Our attorneys can guide you through the process of seeking record relief available under Arizona law. While we cannot expunge or seal a criminal record, we will advise you on eligibility for options like set-aside or petition for a Certificate of Second Chance, which may offer a degree of relief. Our attorneys can assist in presenting a compelling case to the court, highlighting rehabilitation efforts and the positive changes you’ve made.
    We encourage people to contact our drug crime lawyers as soon as possible after an arrest. Time is of the essence in building a strong defense and navigating the complexities of drug-related charges. Early involvement allows your attorney to gather evidence, assess the circumstances of your arrest, and protect your rights during questioning. By seeking representation promptly, you enhance your chances of a favorable outcome.
    Yes! At My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers, our drug crime attorneys can be instrumental in helping you explore alternative sentencing options. They possess the legal expertise to assess your case and advocate for alternatives such as drug diversion programs, rehabilitation, or treatment plans, rather than traditional incarceration. Engaging our experienced attorneys increases your chances of obtaining alternative sentencing.
    Criminal Defense Lawyers Answering Our Frequently Asked Questions

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