How Much Time Can I Spend In Jail For Drug Possession?

Risks, Charges, Penalties & Defense Strategies For Dangerous Drugs In Arizona

Arizona state statutes provide serious criminal penalties for individuals who are convicted of possession of a dangerous drug. Substances including methamphetamine, cocaine, and PCP are considered dangerous drugs. If convicted, time in prison and other consequences will be sentenced.

Consulting with an experienced drug crimes lawyer is essential for a good outcome of your case. Often, a skilled attorney can work to have your charges or penalties reduced, or your case dismissed altogether. Without the assistance of an attorney, defendants will face the law and its consequences alone.

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What Drugs Can Result In Time In Jail?

Arizona legislature has deemed over 300 specific drugs to be dangerous in part because they impart psychotropic and other mind-altering effects on users. Some of the most common dangerous drugs include:

  • Methamphetamine
  • LSD
  • Psilocin
  • Psilocybin
  • Clonazepam
  • Ketamine
  • Scopolamine
  • Anabolic steroids

The Severity Of Offenses & Potential Consequences Of a Dangerous Durg Possession

There are multiple circumstances in which an individual might be charged with the possession of dangerous drugs and related crimes. Each circumstance will carry a different prosecution and consequences. These include:

  • Possession or use of a dangerous drug: Class 4 felony
  • Possession of materials for drug manufacturing: Class 3 felony
  • Using fraud or deceit to obtain a dangerous drug: Class 3 felonySelling or transporting a dangerous drug: Class 2 felony
  • Possession of a dangerous drug for sale: Class 2 felony
  • Dangerous drug manufacturing: Class 2 felony
  • Administering a dangerous drug: Class 2 felony

The more serious the crime, the more serious the charge. Class 4 felonies are less severe than Class 1. Frequently, defendants will face multiple charges, not just one, depending on the circumstances. If you’re facing any drug-related charges in Arizona, consult immediately with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney who can guide you through the legal process and provide skilled representation.

What Are The Consequences For Dangerous Drug Possession In Arizona?

Multiple circumstances and the punishing guidelines in state statutes will determine the sentences.

Factors that affect the punishment include:

  1. The charge(s)
  2. The defendant’s prior criminal record, if any
  3. How much drug is involved

How Much Prison Time Is Involved With Drug Possession Charges?

Arizona prison sentencing schedules will range based on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, defendants will be looking at:

Class 4 Felony: 1 to 3.75 years

Class 3 Felony: 2 to 8.75 years

Class 2 Felony: 3 to 12.5 years

Am I Eligible For Probation If This Is My First Offense?

Arizona law does allow some first-time offenders to receive probation instead of jail or prison. However, there are many exceptions to this mandate, and you’ll need the skills of a drug crime defense lawyer if you are hoping to have your charges or sentencing reduced or want to seek alternatives to prison sentencing. If you have a prior conviction, refuse to participate in drug treatment as a condition of probation, or were caught with specific drugs, you will not be eligible for probation instead of prison.

Exploring Diversion Programs As An Alternative To Jail Time For Drug Possession Charges

A diversion program is an alternative way to deal with criminal charges that enables defendants to go through probation programs instead of jail or prison, as long as they face specific conditions and meet certain requirements. The defendant’s case will be dismissed once they have successfully completed the ordered diversion program.

Not all counties in Arizona offer diversion programs, which means that prison or jail time will be part of your sentencing if you are convicted of a drug-related charge. Also, even if your county has a diversion program available, it will be up to the prosecutor or judge to determine whether you are able to participate in it.

Defendants who want to avoid jail or prison time by completing a diversion program should contact an experienced drug possession defense lawyer right away. Your chances of receiving a diversion without attorney representation are low.

Get The Legal Guidance You Need For Drug Possession Charges In Arizona

Drug-related charges such as possession can result in serious consequences, high fines, and years in prison or jail. However, a strong defense from an experienced attorney can make the difference between maximum sentencing and a case dismissal. If you’re facing any drug-related charges, consult with the experienced team at AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our award-winning team of criminal defense lawyers specializes in assisting defendants facing drug possession, DUI, and similar drug-related charges. We will handle every detail of your case with expertise and professionalism as we guide you through the legal process and build a strong defense on your behalf. Contact our office today to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

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