A person who violates the disorderly conduct laws in Phoenix could be charged with a class-1 misdemeanor. If the offense involves a dangerous object or deadly weapon, a person could face a class 6 felony charge.

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Disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct laws in Phoenix are enforced to maintain peace and order within the cities and counties of the state.
The following conduct is illegal in the state (cities, counties) of Phoenix:

  • Engaging in disruptive behavior, violent behavior, or a fight
  • Intentionally disturbing the peace and quiet of a person, family, or neighborhood
  • Making unreasonable amount of noise
  • Using offensive or abusive language or gestures that intentionally provoke another person to immediate physical retaliation
  • In the event of a hazard, fire, or other emergency, refusing to obey a lawful order to disperse for public safety reasons
  • Disrupting the transaction of a gathering, procession, or a business meeting
  • Reckless discharging, displaying, or handling of a deadly weapon or dangerous object.

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    Punishments and consequences for felony convictions are much more severe than in a misdemeanor charge:  incarceration and significant penalties and fines.  Offenders who have prior felony convictions could face even greater punishments.


    Jail time for disorderly conduct is usually shorter than other offenses, but can result in a maximum of one year in jail as well as paying a fine because it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.


    Fines are among the most common penalties and can reach up to $2,500.  Although some judges impose fines instead of probation and jail time, you could be be penalized with those, too.


    In addition to jail time, your disorderly misconduct charge may also include a probationary period in which may also be included with fines and loss of our right to own a firearm.

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