Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys Pricing and Payment Plans

Low Cost Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Attorneys

Two of the things to consider when hiring an Arizona defense attorney are Pricing and Payment plans.  You want affordable representation when facing criminal charges and it is nice to have the option to make payments on your legal fees.  Our Arizona Criminal Defense team offers both affordable pricing and payment plans; plus, we have decades of criminal defense experience and a dedicated team ready to defend your freedom.

If you have been arrested for a crime or for DUI in Arizona, you want to be sure to hire a criminal defense law firm with a winning track record.  Attorneys and staff members who are successful, experienced, and up-to-date in defending criminal charges and DUI cases. Our criminal defense team are the ones you want on your side when your freedom is at stake.

Our Arizona Criminal Defense team offers affordable prices and in many cases one time flat fees. Although the we cannot absolutely guarantee a favorable result, we do guarantee that you will receive superior representation; with 100% of our experience and team effort going into your case.  We allow our clients the ability to make payments for our legal services and have some of the most affordable legal rates in all of Arizona.

Our Arizona criminal defense law firm imposes no “hidden”  fees for our services.  Our attorneys will include the total price for all services in our initial quote.  Payment Plans are also available so your legal defense does not have to break the bank.  If you’re facing criminal charges, and you want advice on protecting your rights and fighting back, contact our Arizona Criminal Defense Team at (480) 531-8178.

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